Germany JellorD Oil (China) company is the main promotion and introduction of foreign sophisticated lubricating oil should be in the field of big China area automobile industry, industry and ship classes, make our country more needs to enjoy the international leading high-tech products bring the considerable economic benefits. Germany JellorD lubricating oil and cooling fluid for automobile provides all aspects of maintenance, solve the common problem of vehicle maintenance, reduce maintenance cost, enhance the service life of the automobile car.

     The application test, the Germany JellorD Oil Chemical Group under the JellorD had significant effect of brand name products in environmental protection and energy conservation, reducing energy consumption, exhaust emissions and governance in the maintenance vehicle. Zhongtian Boyuan petrochemical (Beijing) Co., Ltd. collection of scientific research, production, sales, service in one. Under the product R & D department, QC department, marketing department, after-sales service center, the international business center, logistics department and other related departments.

     Products based on the China mainland, marketing in the world of international market and the China mainland market, in order to better meet the needs of the customers, the company to “energy saving and environmental protection, low carbon emission and long term care, quality excellence, win-win cooperation, honesty, service to customers” for the purpose, to “provide sophisticated quality, in the terminal services client the concept of.